A little about me,

I've always been "el jamón del sandwich", which for those who are not hispanic, better yet not Puerto Rican, literally means the ham in the sandwich. Like me, the ham is always stuck in the middle of everything, and has to deal with being smothered by two pieces of bread.

In my case, I've had too many pieces of bread throughout my life. My parents, for instance, in a constant battle for affection, bribing every hug with the best of intentions. I could say my mother was always a whole grain version of my dad, carefully driving me towards a healthier more active lifestyle. But when it comes to real battles between those two, I can say I became an expert in psychology, neology, sociology, and every other ramification of knowledge that includes the suffix -ology; including apology. Needless to say that I'm the middle sister between two very radical types of doughs. With many years apart from each other, I'm the perfect balance among my almost-dad-peace&love-annoying older brother and my crazy-idon'tcare-strongminded-independent little sister.

But let's not limit ourselves to my family's sandwich preferences, my friends are quite the connoisseurs. By making me part of every drama, decision, and singularity they put a great deal of input on stimulating my creative side. In general I can say I love the middle. Not too dark, not too bright. Not too straight, not too curvy. Not too illustrated, not to real. Not too vector, not to raster. Just a perfect balance.

Besides, isn't the ham the taste maker?